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Superintendent Response regarding Board of Trustees Candidate Public Forum

I appreciate your coming to the candidate forum. I trust you learned some valuable information. Below you will find the questions you asked with my answer following.

1. I heard the candidates say they have concerns about issues that are going on within the district. I'm not sure exactly what issues they’re talking about. But have these candidates, or any citizens, ever met with you to discuss issues?

I deal with concerned citizens on a regular basis. However, no one on that panel has come to me with an issue that I have not given my full attention and most of the individuals on that panel have never come to me with any concerns.


2. They talked about improvements that are needed. Does the current board not see the same things needing improvement? If so, then why haven't these improvements been made?

I would be curious about the improvements to which they are referring. Our finances are better than they have been in the last decade. Our facilities are improved and we are constructing a high school that will house our students and teachers for decades to come. I did not attend the forum and therefore, do not what they were referring to...


3. A comment was made that several students have been lost to the smaller school districts. Is this accurate? What is the current student body count and how does it compare to years past?  

Our enrollment is now higher than it has been in several years. However, every school in Fannin County is an open enrollment school. Students may attend whichever district they wish. We have students attending school with us that live in other school districts. And, we have some students that live in Bonham attending school elsewhere.


4. The majority talked about the need for teacher raises. How are teacher salaries and raises determined? Doesn't the state give the district enough money to pay the teachers more?

The night before the forum the Board was presented with a plan to raise teachers’ salaries and it was approved unanimously. Salaries are proposed by the administration and approved by the Board. But, to answer the second part of your question, No, the state does not equitably fund the district for us to offer higher salaries.


          - Dr. Beaty, BISD Superintendent


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