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Bonham ISD COVID Precautions!

Posted Date: 03/06/2020

Bonham ISD COVID Precautions!

Bonham ISD COVID Precautions

March 6, 2020


Warrior Family,

I am aware of the growing concerns regarding coronavirus (COVID-19).  The health and wellness of our students, staff, and visitors remain my top priority.  The CDC (Center for Disease Control) and TEA (Texas Education Agency) have been diligent to keep school officials informed about the Coronavirus as well as sharing precautionary and preventative measures we can take.  In addition, about three weeks ago, I spoke with Scott Mize from our Regional Department of Health to gain knowledge about this disease. 

Our administrative team is regularly communicating and planning to keep our students, staff, and visitors at low risk of not only the coronavirus, but also the flu. 


What have we been doing?

  • During the recent month, the maintenance/custodial staff have been routinely disinfecting each of our buildings, concentrating on surfaces and objects.
  • Classrooms or areas where students or teachers have been ill or running a fever are cleaned and disinfected immediately and thoroughly.
  • Staff have been reminded of the importance of proper handwashing, staying home when sick and avoiding close contact with people who are sick.
  • Students are in turn reminded about proper handwashing and covering their mouth and nose when they sneeze and cough.
  • Students and staff have access to Kleenex, hand soap and hand sanitizer.
  • Clinic and administrative staff are closely monitoring students and staff who become sick at school - sending those home with fever - as well as monitoring students and staff who have been sick and ensuring they only return when they have been fever-free for 24 hours.
  • Bonham ISD is posting information regarding virus prevention on its website and social media sites.
  • I have been monitoring absence percentages by campus and the district level.  Bonham ISD is well within the normal range of student attendance with only 3 - 6% absent on any given day within the last month.
  • Upon receiving new information, I forward the information to campus administrative and clinic staff and we make decisions when necessary to improve our precautionary practices.

I appreciate your support of our students, staff, and district.  Again, the health and wellness of our Warrior family are of the highest priority.


Kelly Trompler
Bonham ISD Superintendent

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