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Bonham ISD Superintendent Dr. Marvin Beaty issued the following statement regarding the new A-F state accountability system:
With the Texas Education Agency recently releasing the "trial run" preliminary results of their A-F system to the public. As we are not in support of this system, Bonham ISD administration strongly agree with the views of highly respected Hudson ISD Superintendent, Mary Ann Whitaker, and Grandbury ISD Superintendent, Dr. James Largen.

Some observations:
  • Out of the 4 domains, 3 of them rely solely on STAAR test results.
  • As we have all witnessed, the current STAAR test has been proven to be unreliable, not valid, and incorrectly graded.  Many of the online tests were deleted for no apparent reason.  For the state to use these results and send them out to the public as good data is unconscionable. 
  • Neither higher education nor the workforce consider the STAAR assessment as a valid indicator for post-secondary success.  Colleges do not even consider STAAR data in their application process.
  • Domain 2 is related to Student Progress and requires a student to have a full year of growth from one year to the next.  The problem with this is that it does not take into account that tests vary from year to year, and some are much more difficult than the previous year.  A student can make 87 in Math in 4th grade and 85 in Math in 5th grade and get no credit for student growth, even though they scored at a high level both years.
  • Domain 3, “postsecondary readiness” for elementary students, is based solely on attendance.  So, if a campus has a high percentage of medically fragile students, a high score in this domain is virtually unachievable.  I am waiting for someone to explain to me why the attendance of elementary students is somehow reflective of the educators in a particular building.
The A-F Accountability System is NOT an accurate reflection of a quality education and certainly does not in any way reflect the education our students receive in Bonham ISD.  Our parents know the type of education their students are receiving in BISD as well as the many opportunities and real-world learning that takes place in our classrooms.  We continue to dismiss the flawed system that the state uses as its accountability system, and we call on the legislature to once and for all do away with a system that pits schools against one another and bases its results on a once a year bubble test.