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Christine Miller receives FSWCD-NRCS Award

Bonham ISD’s own Christine Miller of LH Rather Junior High has recently received the Outstanding Conservation Educator award in recognition of her exemplary work and dedication to teaching the highest standards of conservation awarded by, Fannin Soil & Water Conservation District #5220.

The Fannin Soil and Water Conservation District assist and encourage each land occupant to utilize each acre of land to protect and conserve it along with the resources of water and air for the present and future generations.

The USDA-NRCS provides technical assistance to the district and landowners of Fannin County to help solve resource management problems. Information and assistance with soils, agronomy, forestry, plant science, biology, engineering and wetland development are just a few of the services that are provided.

Mrs. Miller states, as a youth I often spent my summers catching frogs and crawfish, watching birds, and identifying wildflowers. I have found that nature always has just one more thing to teach you if you are patient and watchful. I have enjoyed discovering the plants and animals around me for as long as I can remember, and as an educator I try to bring that wonder to others.

As a teacher and a Texas Master Naturalist I strive to bring the love that I feel for nature to others by educating students and adults about Texas native resources and how to conserve those resources through various Texas Parks and Wildlife projects.

My efforts as a teacher include planting and maintaining a small native flower garden at L.H.Rather Junior High using resources from Texas Parks and Wildlife and Texas Wildlife Association to educate my students about local resources. I am known as the “Frog Lady” by many students at Finley Oates because of my participation in 2nd Grade Nature Day teaching about my favorite vertebrates, amphibians. Nature Day was started by fellow teacher and Master Naturalist, Jessica Womack and is held yearly each spring.

Outside of school you may find me working the Bois d’Arc Master Naturalist booth at various festivals and fairs in Fannin County. Through this program I have logged over 500 hours of community service through various education projects.

Congratulations Mrs. Miller!

Miller Award