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Jonna Spiller, Region10 Teacher of the Year


   On Tuesday August 9th, 2016 Bonham ISD had the pleasure to be home to the first Region 10 Secondary Teacher of the Year winner for a rural school district, Jonna Spiller. Jonna states that she was stunned when she heard her name called. Even with that being true, those that are Natives of Bonham know that it is well deserved. Jonna was also announced Bonham’s district Teacher of the Year in 2010.

   Not only is Jonna a great asset to Bonham ISD with having accolades as proof, her mother, Mrs. Joetta Wallace, has been an amazing influence for Bonham ISD as well. On June 5th, 2016 at the annual staff luncheon Mrs. Wallace received the “Lifetime Achievement” award for Bonham ISD. With Jonna finishing her 22nd year of working in education, and her mom working for 42 years in the district and teaching 21 of those years, she passionately admits that her mother is her hero. The most important and cherished thing that Jonna has taken from her mother is that it is all about “How You Treat People;” and it is very evident that they both treat individuals with genuine kindness and respect.


   After working in education for 22 years, Jonna will be the newest Counselor for Bonham High School for the first time in her career, after receiving her Degree in Counseling in 2000. Jonna is very grateful to be able to work and be such an great influence in her hometown. Bonham ISD has staff and students that are all awesome and she loves the support and Bonham Pride that the community has, Jonna says. It is safe to say that Jonna along with Mrs. Joetta Wallace are representations of an Ultimate Warrior!

--Jordan Thompson, Communication Specialist