• Update on High School project: April 2017


    • Construction drawings 100% complete as of April 10
    • April 11-May 2:  Bid package period.  Bid opening May 2, 2:00 pm
    • Presentation of Guaranteed Maximum Price to the district staff-May 10
    • District awards GMP at May 16 special called board meeting
    • Start construction June 5
    • Substantial completion- August 2018

    The contractor will begin fencing and staging equipment in late May. Student parking lot will not be available for the 2017-18 school year. Buses will load and unload on the north side of the building.

    The bond oversight committee met on April 11. Stantec staff showed the 3D views of the building and shared construction materials with them and were available for questions.


    Bonham High School Design Update: 10/7/2016

    The Bonham ISD’s Board of Trustees have recently approved WRL-General Contractors out of Tyler, Texas to serve as our, “Construction Managers at Risk” team in the construction of the new BHS. This role will include the tasks of finding suitable contractors, quality control, assisting in the design phase, and keeping the total cost of the project on or under budget.


    Stantec and BISD administration are currently in the process of finalizing a draft of the building’s footprint to present to the board for their consideration and possible approval. Early stages of elevation or virtual drawings are in the works and will soon be presented to the Board for possible approval as well. The whole process is exciting and very rewarding and we are pleased to have the BHS Principal, Mr. Ryan Prock, and his staff involved in all phases of the design.


    Even with all of the progress that has been made, just like the I.W. Evans project, the overall process is a long one and we know that the citizens of Bonham are just as anxious as we are for the construction to begin. This will be a high school that will accommodate many levels and academic disciplines ranging from remedial to advanced level courses, feed over 1,000 meals and transport over 700 students on an average day. Also, to accommodate the arts, dance, choir, band, 14 separate varsity athletic teams, along with their JV counterparts, the gathering process of all needed information, design and other necessary components can take up to or longer than a calendar year. It takes the utmost care to design a building that will serve a community for decades to come.


    With this building our goals are to prepare for district growth, to create a safe and secure environment to ensure maximum security, and to give the community something we are proud of and can enjoy visiting. The new school will encompass the latest technology available to education institutions, all within a budget approved by our community.


    Timelines may change a week ahead or behind on construction due to certain causes, but the Fall 2018 opening will not change! We will continue to keep the community posted and if there are any questions please feel free to visit our bonhamisd.org website and continue to the right side of the page to the “Ask the Superintendent” section. We will do our very best to be as transparent as possible during this arduous process.  And, remember, you are always welcome at Bonham ISD.


    Bonham High School Design Update

    September 23, 2016- Meetings between BISD staff, architects, mechanical/electrical consultants, roofing consultants, civil engineer and the contractor are occurring twice each week to finalize the footprint of the building.  The design is changing with each meeting as we work to determine placement of each component (classrooms, labs, locker rooms, access points, parking lots, bus traffic, etc.)  The footprint is 90% established at this writing.  The project is on schedule.


    On May 7, the Bonham ISD stakeholders voted to pass the $30 million bond to build a new Bonham High School.  Since the election, District administrators, BHS staff and Stantec architects have been diligently working on the schematic design of the new building.


    On May 19, BHS teachers and administrators including Crystal Buckaloo, Chris Dickson, Paul Westbrook, Beth Mizell, Staci Hunnicutt, Gretchen Shook, and Gloria Smith joined Dr. Marvin Beaty, Bill Wakefield and Stantec Architects Terry Hoyle and Lorenzo Navarette for site visits to area school districts.  The objective was to see a variety of school designs and configurations in planning for the new high school.  The group visited newly renovated McKinney High School, Reedy High School in Frisco, and McMillen High School in Plano ISD.


    On June 8, Stantec Architectural personnel met with BHS teachers and administrators and staff to begin programming the features to be included in the design of the new building.  Discussions included classroom spaces, offices, library, common areas, weight room renovation, gym, locker room, and stage areas.


    Follow-up planning sessions are scheduled for July.  During these sessions, actual physical placement of each of the areas will be finalized will include cafeteria and kitchen configurations and finalization of the physical placement of each of the areas.


    The design development portion of the project timeline is scheduled for the Fall of 2016, hiring of construction manager and review of bids in Spring 2017.  Estimated start of construction will begin June 2017 and substantial completion is projected to be August 2018.

2017/2018 BHS Additions & Renovations Schedule
Appendix D 
Activity                                                                                                                           Date Completed 
Owner Approves Facility Program Phase                                                                          August 12, 2016
Schematic Design Phase
         Authorize A/E Start                                                                                              August 12, 2016
         Submit 95% SD Documents for Owner Review & Cost Estimating                             September 26, 2016
         Joint Review for Owner Comments                                                                        September 28, 2016
         Owner Review of Cost Estimate & Approval of Schematic Design                              October 10, 2016
Design Development Phase 
         Authorize A/E Start                                                                                              October 10, 2016
         Submit 100% DD Documents for Owner Review & Cost Estimating                           December 15, 2016
         Joint Review for Owner Comments                                                                        January 4, 2017
         Owner Review of Cost Estimate & Approval of Design                                             January 19, 2017
Construction Documents Phase 
         Authorize AE to Start                                                                                           January 19, 2017
         A/E Submit 50% CD's for Owner Review & cost Estimating                                      February 15, 2017
         Joint Review for Owners Comments                                                                      February 22, 2017
         Review of 50% CD Cost Estimate                                                                          March 1, 2017
         A/E Submit 95% CD's for Review & Cost Estimating                                                March 23, 2017
         Joint Review for Owner Comments                                                                       April 6, 2017
         Owner Review of Cost Estimate & Approval of 100% CD's                                       April 7, 2017
         Issue Construction Documents for Bidding                                                             April 10, 2017
         Receive Subcontractor Proposals                                                                           May 2, 2017
         Bonham ISD Approve Guaranteed Maximum Price                                                   May 15, 2017
Construction Phase Activities 
         NTP for Construction                                                                                             May 16, 2017
         Project Substantial Completion                                                                               August 3, 2018 
2017-2018 BHS Additions & Renovations Selection Schedule
  • Request for Qualifications Release                                            7/26/16
  • First Advertisement                                                                 7/27/16
  • Second Advertisement                                                             8/03/16
  • Deadline to Receive Qualifications                                             8/17/16, 11:00 AM
  • Review Qualifications                                                               8/17/16 thru 8/18/16
  • Notify companies of the results by end of day                             8/18/16
  • Interviews of short-listed companies/ Board Approval                  8/24/16
  • Negotiate Owner/ Construction Manager Agreements                  8/25/16 thru 9/14/16
  • Make Recommendations to Board of Trustees                             9/19/16