• Educational Assessment

    The Fannin County SSA has a team of assessment specialists equipped to provide quality educaitonal assessment services for our ten participating school districts.  Our diagnosticians consist of the following professionals:


    Tracy Boatright, Educational Diagnostician
    Finley-Oates Elementary, Evans Intermediate, Dodd City

    Sarah Burkhalter, Educational Diagnostician
    Finley-Oates Elementary, Ector, Savoy

    Terry Caffee, Educational Diagnostician
    Dodd City, Trails, TSS

    Elizabeth Cox, Educational Diagnostician
    LH Rather Junior High, Honey Grove, 

    Gabby Diaz, Educational Diagnostician
    Fannindel, Wolfe City

    Marjory Eaton, Educational Diagnostician
    Blue Ridge, Trenton

    Angie Hilliard, Educational Diagnostician
    Evans Intermediate, Bonham High School

    Stephanie Minzenmayer, Educational Diagnostician
    Bonham High School,  Leonard

    Phyllis Mosley, Educational Diagnostician
    Head Start, PPCD, ECI, Sam Rayburn

    Dusty Wells, Educational Diagnostician
    Evans Intermediate



  • Preschool Program for Children with Disabilities

    Classroom Teacher - Tiffany Andrews

    Our PPCD Program is housed at the Fannin County Head Start at the Bonham ISD Bailey Inglish campus. PPCD provides quality instruction to preschool age children with disabilities in a safe supporting environment. Tiffany Andrews, in conjunction with her team of Paraprofessionals, provides functional and academic lessons designed and differentiated to facilitate the individual needs of each of their students.  The PPCD classroom is equipped with technological opportunities for our students in the form of iPads, computers, and Smart Board.

Life Skills




  • TSS

     Todd Lancaster, Classroom Teacher

    The TSS Program is a specially designed program to meet the individual needs of students with disabilities.  The primary focus of this program is behavior, education, and skills training in order to foster adaptive behavior.  This is only accomplished through the collaborative efforts of the participating student's home district, parents, TSS teacher and paraprofessionals, and Director of Special Education.  It should also be emphasized that student success ultimately is achieved by each student choosing of their own accord to modify and adapt behavior.  The TSS Program uses a positive reinforcement system to promote appropriate behavior in the classroom and school community.  Opportunities for mainstreaming are considered on an individual basis as the student progresses. This process integrates students into the least restrictive environment according to each student's individual needs.


  • Psychological Services

    The Fannin County SSA provides quality psychological services throughout our ten member districts. Valerie Sulley, LSSP is our licensed specialist in school psychology for all Fannin County districts.  She conducts psychological assessments and provides counseling services for qualifying students throughout the county with disabilities.


  • Speech & Language Pathology 

    THe FCSSA has a team of SLPs and equipped to provide quality speech assessments and speech therapy services for our ten participating school districts. Our speech department consists of the following professionals:

    Kristi Brashier, SLP

    Marcy Coates, SLP
    Blue Ridge

    Diana Manley, SLP

    Rhonda Schur, SLP

    Shelley Webb, SLP
    Dodd City/Trenton

    Candace Weeks, SLP
    Wolfe City

    Ashley Walker, SLP
    Head Start, PPCD, ECI


  • Support Services

    The Fannin County SSA has a team of support services personnel equipped to provide quality services for our ten participating school districts. 

    Donna Francis, Auditory Impairment

    Julia Todd, Physical Therapist

    LeAnundra Ottmo, Visual Impairment Specialist,  
    Orientation & Mobility Specialist, Adaptive PE

    Tracy Barrilleaux, Occupational Therapist

    Blair Sapundjieff, Occupational Therapist


  • FCSSA Transition

    The Fannin County Shared Services Arrangement has a comprehensive Transition Program designed to provide transitional services, vocational training, and employability opportunities for students with disabilities throughout our ten member districts.  

    Karol Alexander, Transition 

  • Section 504 Child Find Notice


    Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 requires that the public schools of Fannin County not discriminate on the basis of handicap in any district program or activity. Each district will identify, evaluate, and provide an appropriate public education to students who are handicapped under Section 504, including homeless children.


    Call Fannin County Special Education at 903-583-5528 for more information.

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